Victor Vran: Overkill Edition Review

Title: Victor Vran: Overkill Edition Released On: August 28, 2018 Genre: Action RPG Reviewed On: Nintendo Switch Developer: Haemimont Games Publisher: EuroVideo Medien MSRP:...



JungleDrums: Ep 75 – Forza Horizon 4 Demo

Your JungleDrums host, AcuteJungle66, delves into this week’s latest tech and gaming news. Actually, scratch that; AJ...

JungleDrums: Ep 74 – Forsaken Launches

Your JungleDrums host, AcuteJungle66, is joined by SergeantJay to delve into this week’s latest tech and gaming...
Proof of Console

Proof of Console: Episode 7 – Calculating the Size of Fortnite’s Battle Royale Island

This is Proof of Console, the show where we find an aspect of a video...

JungleDrums: Ep 73 – Battlefield V Delayed

Your JungleDrums host, AcuteJungle66, delves into this week’s latest tech and gaming news. GeForce RTX 2080 benchmark...
Armchair Gaming Philosophy

Armchair Gaming Episode 22: A Case of Personhood 1

Welcome to another episode of Armchair Gaming. The goal for this show is simple: I want...
PC Building

PC Building Fundamentals: Use Case Scenario

PC Building Fundamentals aims to provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge in order...


Farming Simulator 19’s Equipment List: Weeks 1 & 2

You may have already seen our coverage of week 1 and week 2 of GIANTS Software's "Fact Sheet Fridays" and developer blogs (on improved farm creation...

Farming Simulator 19: Komatsu’s Forestry Equipment Shown in Video

GIANTS Software has released a new video showcasing a new brand that has been added for Farming Simulator 19 - Komatsu Forestry. While Komatsu's presence...

Farming Simulator 19: Fact Sheets #3, #4 & #5

GIANTS Software has released the second set of fact sheets providing details on some of Farming Simulator 19's vehicles and equipment. The developer is planning...

Farming Simulator 19: Fact Sheets #1 & #2

As we edge closer to Farming Simulator 19's November 20 release date, GIANTS Software is continuing to slowly release more and more information about...

D.Va’s Nano Cola Challenge!

Recently D.Va, almost single-handedly, saved her home town attack in the most recent Overwatch short 'Shooting Star'. If you missed it you can check...

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