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JungleDrums: Ep 69 – Amazon Prime Fail

Your JungleDrums host, AcuteJungle66, delves into this week’s latest tech and gaming news. World of Warcraft changes, Amazon crashes on Prime Day, No Man's Sky may finally...

JungleDrums: Ep 66 – PUBG Drops Lawsuit

Your JungleDrums host, AcuteJungle66, is joined by Scholarly Gamer to delve in this week's latest tech and gaming news. Corsair acquires Elgato Gaming, PUBG no longer suing...

JungleDrums: Ep 59 – Battlefield Battle Royale

Your JungleDrums host, AcuteJungle66, joined by Gimboid and SergeantJay, delve into this week’s latest tech and gaming news. 2nd Gen Ryzen CPUs, BR from the creators...
Extinction Review

Extinction Review

Title: Extinction Released On: April 10, 2018 Genre: Action Adventure Reviewed On: PC Also Available On: PS4 / Xbox One Developer: Iron Galaxy Publisher: Modus Games MSRP: £45.99 GBP / $59.99 USD / $79.99 CAD   Extinction was announced on...

Sea of Thieves Doesn’t Need To Change; Peoples’ Perspectives Do

Sea of Thieves is fantastic. I'm just going to go ahead and start this off by saying that, with a full understanding of all...

Slay the Spire Review: A Beautiful Combination of Genres

Title: Slay the Spire Released on: Pending, Early Access Genre: Procedurally-Generated / Card Battle Available On: PC Developer: Mega Crit Games Publisher: Mega Crit Games MSRP: $15.99 USD / $17.99 CAD We all...
Game of the Year Nominees 2017

2017 Game of the Year Nominations

As Scholarly Gamers approaches the end of our first calendar year, we began to discuss some of the best games we’d played in 2017....

PUBG’s Brendan Greene keeps Conflating Innovation with Imitation

The creator of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG), Brendan Greene, was recently interviewed by the BBC to discuss his views on the new 'copycat' battle royale...

JungleDrums: Ep34 – Are Loot Boxes Gambling?

This Week on JungleDrums: Your host, AcuteJungle66, is joined by Gimboid and SergeantJay to delve into this week’s gaming and tech news! The Evil Within 2...

Error Machine Podcast 121 – It’s Not A Phase, Mom!

For those of you that don't follow me on social media, then you haven't heard the good news (and if you do follow me,...