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Flouting Margins 3: LGBT Censorship

Our-Story The start of this story didn’t have the clearest path at the inception of the video game industry. When video games first started to...

Stop the Madness: Combating Uninformed Reactions to Video Game News

Thanks to social media, YouTube, Twitch, and horrifying comments sections, opinions about video gaming are shared quicker than ever. For me – coming from...

Error Machine Podcast 114 – Breaking Down the SNES Classic

In case you've been living under a rock for the last week, you missed a rather large announcement from Nintendo. The future bane of...
SNES Classic

SNES Classic Confirmed: Excitement Level Hype

Move over NES Classic, the SNES Classic has been finally confirmed. Much like its predecessor, the SNES Classic will be a limited release product...
A box of gaming history

Why the Idea That “They Made Plenty of Them” is Detrimental to Video Game...

In my first piece here on Scholarly Gamers, I spoke about how it was past time for those within the video game culture to...