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Christian Vazquez is a charismatic seasoned writer/journalist who's been putting ink to paper for five years and counting. Formerly an Assistant Editor for G4, his writing skills have earned praise for his ability to see games in ways no one else can. Urban legend says he was once known as the legendary Hyper Lemon Buster Cannon. When he's not at his craft, he's an affable goof that loves music, busting flows, fighting games, and mecha anime. He is also the unofficial ambassador for John Dalys and Legend of The Galactic Heroes. He seriously suggests you watch it.

Quick Jabs: How Alpha Counters Changed the Game

As a genre, fighting games have rapidly evolved since the humble days of Karate Champ in 1984. From simple two-button inputs to head-scratching combo...

What Do Video Games Provide That Is Unique To The Medium?

Video games have tremendously evolved since the humble beginnings of Pong in 1972. Within the past 45 years, the medium shifted from being a...

What Constitutes ‘Good’ Difficulty in Video Games and Why?

Difficulty in video games has undergone massive changes within the last 30 years. In the past, arcades thrived off of challenging cabinets to drain...
Ridge Racer Nagase 14

Give It A Gander – R4: Ridge Racer Type 4

It's no secret that the Sony PlayStation's mid- to late-nineties run was one of staggering dominance, and this era was something of a renaissance...