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Gunnar Burden is a self made writer, drummer, martial artist, and fighting game competitor. Founding his own chapter of the Fighting Game Community in Southeast New Mexico, he has been a world warrior since 2014. In between bouts in Street Fighter, he enjoys JRPGs and action games.
RPGolf Gameplay

RPGolf Released on Steam

Do you love playing classic top down RPGs? In the midst of fighting that gruesome end boss have you ever felt the burning desire...
Fighting Games

Building Good Habits in Fighting Games

In continuing the theme from my previous article — in which I talked in depth about an important aspect of training: rest — I...
Fighting Games - Uppercut

Why Not Playing is Important

Depending on where you're at in the journey known as fighting games sometimes you need to play more or less. For example, when me...
Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus Review

Released On: February 6, 2018 Genre: Action Adventure Puzzle Reviewed On: PS4 (Standard) Developer: Team Ico, Bluepoint Games Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Price: $39.99   Within my circle...
Killer Instinct Art

Life After Dev Support Pt.2 – Members of the Killer Instinct Discord Share Their...

Last week I spoke with Broken Tynado, server owner of the Killer Instinct Discord. Today we have a collection of survey responses from various users...
Killer Instinct Screen

Life After Dev Support – Interview with Broken Tynado from the Killer Instinct Discord

On September 28th, 2017 Killer Instinct’s final update was released, bringing it to Steam. No longer restricted by the less-accessible Windows 10 Store and...
Fight Games - Street Fighter III

Don’t Be Afraid of Old Fighting Games

Today I'm going to talk about approaching old fighting games. I will be using Street Fighter III: Third Strike as my main example as...

Capcom Cup 2017 and the Story of RISE | Mena RD

The Street Fighter V Capcom Pro Tour concluded December 10th, with an outcome very few predicted. Powering his way through the 32-man bracket, the...