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Cultural Connoisseur for the LGBTQ2 gaming community with a strong belief that it’s okay to be who you are no matter what, and that others will react how they may. A proud console player who sometimes dabbles in digital art, novel writing, and protection spells. I tend to observe life through the lens of my PC monitor … However, I do enjoy long walks in nature.

Censored or Celebrated 2: Renowned LGBT+ Characters in Video Games

Renowned LGBT Characters This week we focus on some of the LGBT characters celebrated in the recent decades of video gaming. We’ll examine the ruins of...

Flouting Margins 3: LGBT Censorship

Our-Story The start of this story didn’t have the clearest path at the inception of the video game industry. When video games first started to...

Censored or Celebrated (Flouting Margins: Part Two)

Click here to read Flouting Margins: Part One if you haven't caught it yet! Genesis, and I don’t mean SEGA! Everything has a beginning, so I easily found...
LGBT Flouting Margins

Flouting Margins: Part One

Sometimes it feels like we've all lost sight of something, which seems almost forgotten across the greater global consciousness: we all come from the...
Community Introduction: Hello, I'm Fabulous

Hello, I’m … Just Like You!! Fabulous!

Allow Me To Introduce Myself Hello, I’m Thomas Stacey-Holmes, also known around the gaming community as Enistachia. Being a gamer for me is more than...