It has been exactly a full year since the release of the acclaimed interstellar strategy game Stellaris by Paradox Interative, and they have a surprise in store for you. Instead of receiving gifts for their first birthday, the team at Paradox wanted to take the time to give fans a present to thank them for their continued support. Today marks the release of the Stellaris Digital Anniversary Edition, which includes the base game as well as the first year of DLC on sale currently for $55 USD. The year-one edition includes:

  • Utopia: The first full expansion for Stellaris, adding mega-structures and new options for the ultimate advancement of your species
  • Plantoids Species Pack: A species pack that includes a dozen portraits for plant-based sentient life-forms
  • Leviathans Story Pack: A story pack that includes monstrous new creatures and encounters

In addition to the release of the new edition, Paradox has announced that they are giving away the pre-order bonus Creatures of the Void pack, as well as a brand new Stellaris: Anniversary Portraits pack to everyone who owns a copy of the base game.



Paradox Development Studio is very happy that so many of you have chosen to take this interstellar journey with us. Over the coming years you can expect exciting new realms of possibility and adventures among the endless stars in Stellaris.

I firmly recommend Stellaris to anyone with the slightest interest in space exploration and real-time strategy games. While the market has been saturated over the past several years with the proliferation of space-faring strategy games, Paradox’s Stellaris stands apart and above as one of the most engaging and fun games in the genre.


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