Join us this weekend for our liveblog of all of the excitement contained within a single weekend here at Otakuthon at the Palais des Congrés de Montréal. We’ll be focusing on video games of course, checking out the musical performances throughout the weekend and hitting up the video game tournaments and panels as much as we can!

Otakuthon is a Montreal-based anime convention, and one of the only bilingual anime conventions in Canada; and assuredly the largest.

Otakuthon began in 2006, and for thirteen years has been a non-profit fan-run convention held in Montreal, that is entirely organized by volunteers. The fantastic people that I met last year — my first year at the Montreal convention — do it all for the pure love and passion they have for anime, manga, and Japanese culture.

Otakuthon isn’t just about anime though. The weekend is filled with concerts, video game tournaments, game developers, informative panels, cosplay contests, and a wealth of events and activities sure to keep even the most cloistered otaku busy for days.

At its heart, Otakuthon is a place where people come together with a shared passion of anime, gaming, music, and Japanese culture. It’s an open and safe space, and one that’s filled with diverse cultures and views all coming together with a communal love for the otaku life.

Stay tuned here for all of our coverage of Otakuthon 2019!


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